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WISH THAT YOU WERE MINE (Lovett) The Manhattans Baby, could we have the same table we had yesterday Woo, ooh, ooh, ooh Here we are again Sipping our drinks just like friends I wonder if they see the sparkle in your eyes I wonder if they know that I'm not your guy, mmm, hmm I wonder if they see That you don't belong tome Wish that you could be mine Mine, all mine, mmm…mmm… It'll be hard for him to understand I am his friend and he is your man I wonder what my lady would say If she knew I met you everyday, mmm, hmm Sooner or later Don't you know they're gonna find out and they'll hate us Oh, I wish that you could be mine Mine, all mine, mmm… It's 2 a.m., the place is gonna close The bartender looks as though he knows Everybody's, everybody's made it home Here we sit again all alone, mmm, hmm I've got to get up at 8 Don't you know I've got to explain why I'm so late, mmm… I wish I didn't have to go home Whoa…oh…whoa…oh…oh…go home I wish that you were mine, baby Oh, I'd give you the world And every little thing your heart desires


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