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WOMAN ALONE WITH THE BLUES, A (Willard Robison) as recorded by Peggy Lee 1953 For my love sickness there's no physician, What could he tell me to use? No liquid or pill, I'm sure, Never did or will cure A woman alone with the blues! Burning memories of The man that I love Crowd all my mental reviews. For all of the pain I feel, His loving arms could heal A woman alone with the blues! To a blue melody, Warm and human, I could pour my soul out in song, And the words would be About a good woman Who believed in a man, right or wrong! He'll come back some day, Begging forgiveness, Blushing way down to his shoes. No man in this world can find Happiness or peace of mind, And break any heart he may choose, and leave his woman alone with the blues1 (Transcribed by Peter Akers - May 2014)


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