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WRAP IT UP Sam & Dave The Fabulous Thunderbirds I've been watchin' you for days now, baby I just love your sexy ways now, baby You know my love will never stop now, baby Just wrap you lovin' in my box, baby Wrap it up; I'll take it (x2) No more will I shop around, baby I know I've got the best thing in town, baby I've seen all I wanna see, baby Bring your lovin' sweet to me now, baby Wrap it up; I'll take it (x4) Good darlin' of mine, come on Ooo I'm gonna treat you like the queen you are Bring you sweet things from my candy jar 'Cause you've got treats you ain't never used Just give it to me, you won't get abused (repeat verse 1) (repeat & fade): Wrap it up; I'll take it


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