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WRAP YOUR ARMS AROUND ME (Mike Chapman / Holly Knight) Agnetha Fältskog (Sweden) Also recorded by: Abbacadabra; Agnetha & Frida; Engelbert Humperdinck. Wrap your arms around me... When you´re so far away, At the end of each day Counting the moments till you fade away. Inside my soul, Under passion´s control, Are feelings I can´t find the words to explain Just like the first time I´m helpless again. Chorus: Wrap your arms around me Let your love surround me Make love to me now like never before. Wrap your arms around me From the day you found me You´ll never be alone. The nights are so cold, With just your memory to hold I´ve tried to be strong, reaching out holding on. Alone in my bed, I cling to each word you said, Wanting you more everyday we´re apart And each precious moment is safe in my heart. Chorus Tag mig i din famn/Take me in your arms Hall om mig/Hold me Du är den, bara du/You are the one, only you Jag vill wara hos dig/I want to be with you Vi hör tillsammans/We belong together Vi var sa nära/We were so close Nätterna är sa kalla/The nights are so cold Vill vara hos dig/Want to be with you Saknar dig hur som helst/Miss you anyway Jag vill vara hos dig/I want to be with you Hall om mig, älska mig, älska mig/Hold me, love me, love me Just like the first time I´m helpless again... Chorus Wrap your arms around me And you´ll never be alone Wrap your arms around me You´ll never be alone No, you´ll never be alone.


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