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WRECK OF THE CARLOS REY (D. Hidalgo / L. Pérez) Los Lobos Fifteen travelin' to work the fields Toil in factories and sweat those deals Set out to sail from Santa Rosalie I left you a note tacked to a tree I'm yours carino I'll return one day Now I'm leavin' on the Carlos Rey Four cruel days under stormy skies Not much bread to keep us alive The wind kicked up and the rain come down And then we all heard a terrible sound I'm yours carino Nothin' more to say I'm lost in the wreck of the Carlos Rey Struggled against the poor weather tie Fetched my bag with your picture inside But my heart did break as it slipped away Disappearin' into the gray I'm yours carino I'm gone to stay Down in the wreck of the Carlos Rey In the dark and cold I let you go With the hard cold work that I took on I sleep in a bed of salt and sand And I dream sweet dreams of takin' your hand I'm yours carino I'm gone away Down in the wreck of the Carlos Rey


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