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WRONG IDEAS (Shel Silverstein) Brenda Lee - 1974 Well alright, you can sit down, but just for a minute I'm not as lonely as I might appear But you've got a friendly smile, so we can sit and talk awhile But don't go gettin' any wrong ideas A drink? Well thank you no, I never touch it Well, well maybe just once little glass of beer And a dance just might be fun, but I can only stay for one So don't go gettin' any wrong ideas Don't go thinking 'cause I'm drinking One last drink with you That I'm the kind to lose my mind The way some women do Well here we are, yes that's my house there on the corner No you can't come up, let's say goodnight right here Well, maybe just a minute or so, but then you'll really have to go So don't go gettin' any wrong ideas No, darlin', don't go gettin' any wrong ideas (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - March 2017)


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