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CANTEMOS (Tradional Venezualan Carol) Estribillo: Cantemos, cantemos, Gloria al Salvador. Feliz Nochebuena, Feliz Nochebuena Feliz Nochebuena Nos de el Nino Dios, Tu eres la esperanza, Tu la caridad, Tu eres consuelo De la humanidad. Estribillo Divinos destellos Raudales de luz, Alumbran la cuna Del Nino Jesus. Estribillo O noche dichosa, Noche de esplendor, Noche en que ha nacido Nuestra Redentor. Estribillo ***** English Translation: WE ARE SINGING CHORUS: Singing, we are singing! Loving praise we bring: Happy Eve of Christmas, Happy Eve of Christmas, Happy Eve of Christmas, To Thee, Infant King. All our expectations, All our charity, All our consolation, Baby dear, in Thee. CHORUS Beaming through the darkness, Flooding rays so bright, Shining on the cradle, Coming from on High. CHORUS Night of jubilation Night of Jesus' birth, Night of holy splendor, And redeeming love. CHORUS


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