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CHRIST IS BORN TODAY (Words & Music by Barbara Timmons) Christ, the King, born today! Hear the angels sing, While shepherds watch oer their flocks and the anthem rings; From afar Wise Men come and their homage pay; Good will to men! Peace on earth! Christ is born today! Chorus: Alleluia! Praise His holy name! Alleluia! Christ is born today! Alleluia! What a joyous day! Alleluia! Christ is born today! Bethlehem is the town of the babys birth, They brot to Him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh; Wrapped up warm in swaddling clothes, sleeping in the hay; Emanuel! King of Kings! Christ is born today! Chorus Its Christmas Day anytime; just invite Him in, Hell give you peace lovingly and new life begin; Sin is past, gone away, all things are made new; When Jesus comes into your heart, Christ is born in you! Chorus Christ, the King is born today! Angels sing His praise; What a heavenly celebration, Christ is born today! Alleluia! Praise His holy name! Alleluia! Christ is born today! Christ is born today!


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