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CHRISTMAS CAN'T BE VERY FAR AWAY Amy Grant Little bits of heaven Floating gently by the window Soon this dirty city will be Covered with a new snow Let's put on our winter boots Go outside and play Christmas can't be very far away Weather girl says "bundle up" It's gonna be a cold one I'll put on my wooly hat You'll wear your dad's old stetson Pretty lights are everywhere Shining night and day Christmas can't be very far away Let's take a walk downtown and Go dream shopping in the mall The kids can do the santa thing Photographs and all We'll get the biggest tree this year And trim it to the top And spend a whole lot more Than what we've got But so what Come next spring I know we will be Ready for the sunshine Right now throwin' snowballs At each other's such a fun time Kids will think we're crazy For a while and that's okay Christmas can't be very far away Christmas can't be very far away


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