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GOD IN A GARAGE (Leigh Newton, 1999) God in a garage with bike parts and oil, With handtools and timber and tyres on the wall, With lizards gigantic and mozzies so small, God in a garage has come to us all. God in a garage of galvanised iron, An ordinary place; could be yours, could be mine. Neighbours and garbos come in for to meet; God in a garage now lives in our street. Chorus: Come and worship the baby, the boy in the shed, Born in the street where we live. Praise him, love him, sing for the babe, Worship him Christmas Day. God in a garage; some bloke's backyard shed, Concrete below him, old bags for a bed. Looking just like us now God's come to stay; God in a garage on this Christmas day. God in a garage of concrete and rust, Born in a workshop with cobwebs and dust. Come, be our brother and let your light shine, God in a garage come speak to our time.


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