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GOD'S CHRISTMAS DILEMMA (Robin Mann, 1987) Christmas time was coming and God was wond'ring What kind of present he could give his friends. Christmas time was coming all the shops were saying, And God didn't know what he could send. Should he give a tree for decorating, Should he give a star so clear and bright, Maybe just a single perfect diamond, Don't they say that diamonds are forever? Christmas time was coming and God was thinking That kind of present might be too passe. In the new millennium something technological Would suit the information age. Should he give a fleet of brand new Porsches, Or a Bang and Olufsen hi-fi? Then perhaps it should be something simpler; Maybe just a game for the computer. Christmas time was coming and God said, Hey, I Think I've got the very thing to give right here; Modern and spectacular it may not be but They'll appreciate it through the years. Though it will be small, it will be special, It'll change the course of history. I'll even write a song for its arrival, I'm going to give a tiny brand new baby And that baby will be me.


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