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HEY WHAT A WONDERFUL BABY (Monica Christian, 1997) Hey, what a wonderful baby! But why is he lying in the straw? Isn't this the baby Jesus born to be king? Why does he seem so poor? God's angel spoke to Mary and said She would have a son; Late one night in a stable in Bethlehem, The promised child is born, the promised child is born! Shepherds sleeping by their fire Cannot believe their eyes, Angels tell them to rush off the Bethlehem Where baby Jesus lies, where baby Jesus lies. Lets all join the shepherds, Welcome Jesus, shout "Hooray!". Lets thank God for his son born in Bethlehem, And celebrate today, lets celebrate today. Yes! What a wonderful baby But right now he's only very small Yes, we know the baby Jesus came to be King Bringing his love to all.


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