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NO ROOM (Tony Martin / Mark Nesler) Rhett Akins - 1998 Tracy Byrd - 1999 On a dark and cold starry night Mary, heavy with child Whispered to Joseph, "I can't go on anymore" He wrapped her up in his arms Said, "I'll find you some place warm" But they were turned away at every door No room, no room Sorry, but we're too full to let you in No space, no place for the baby Jesus No room Once again Christmas is here Busiest time of the year There's a growing list of last minute things still to do Not many shopping days left Still got presents to wrap People are saying parties we've got to go to No room, no room Sorry, but life's too full to let you in No space, no place for the Saviour Jesus No room No room, no room Lord, help us find, help us find the room (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - November 2005)


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