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REJOICE, REJOICE, YE CHRISTIANS (Traditional Christmas Hymn - German) Rejoice, rejoice, ye Christians With all your hearts this morn O hear the blessed tidings The Lord, the Christ, is born Now brought us by the angels That stand about God's throne Oh lovely are the voices That make such tidings known Oh hearken to their singing This Child shall be your Friend The Father so hath will'd it That thus your woes should end The Son is freely given That in Him ye may have The Father's grace and blessing And know He loves to save Nor deem the form too lowly That clothes Him at this hour For know ye what it hideth 'Tis God's almighty power Though now within the manger So poor and weak He lies He is the Lord of all things He reigns above the skies Sin, Death, and Hell, and Satan Have lost the victory This Child shall overthrow them As ye shall surely see Their wrath shall nought avail them Fear not, their reign is o'er This Child shall overthrow them Oh hear and doubt no more


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