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YES, MR. BROWN From the film "Yes, Mr. Brown" (1932) (Music: Paul Abraham / Lyrics: Douglas Furber) Jack Buchanan (Film Soundtrack) - 1932 Harry Sperritt & His Orch. - 1932 Ray Noble & His Orch. - 1932 Durium Dance Band (vocal: Sam Browne) - 1932 Jack Hylton & His Orch. (vocal: Pat O'Malley) - 1932 Jack Payne & His Orch. (vocal: Leslie Holmes) - 1933 Phil Allen's Merrymankers (vocal: Sam Browne) - 1933 The Fifteen Crimson Dominoes - 1933 Now then, what's all this noise? Listen, boys, tomorrow Mister Brown arrives from America You all know what to say to him (Yes, Mister Brown) Every day, every way, we must obey Our Mister Brown of USA What he says, what he does must be quite okay To please him, there's only one way You must say "Yes" to Mister Brown No more, no less to Mister Brown He is the great white chief, you know And so no one must say him "No" If you would have our branch progress You merely bow and acquiesce So if he says black's white and day is night You just say "Yes" (Why, hello Mister Brown) (Oh, how do you do, Mister Brown) (How do you do, Mister Brown) (Top o' the mornin', Mister Brown, how ya keepin'?) (Yes, Mister Brown) (Definitely, Mister Brown) (Absolutely, Mister Brown) (Positively, Mister Brown) (Yes, Mister Brown) (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - April 2017)


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