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YOU CAN MAKE IT IF YOU TRY (Jarrett) Gene Allison - 1958 The Roadrunners - 1964 The Rolling Stones - 1964 Yvonne Fair - 1964 Joe South - 1975 Nappy Brown & The Heartfixers - 1984 Roland Stone - 1992 Also recorded by: Junior Parker; Randy & The Rockets; Solomon Burke; Joel Wright; Nona Henryx & Billy Vera. You can make it if you try You can make it if you try You can make it if you try Yeh, yeh you can make it if you try Sometime you had to fall Don't you know sometime you want to cry Don't it make you feel so bad sometime You wanna lay down and die Yeh, yeh, you can make it if you try, Ummmmmmm If you're baby treats you wrong Don't run around being blue Remember my friend Everybdody can't win 'Cuz you know sometime, sometime You got to lose You can make it if you try They always told me I could make it if I tried I'm going to make it if i try Yeh, yeh, i'm gonna make it if I try If you try


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