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YOU GOTTA KNOW HOW TO DANCE >From the film "Colleen" (1936) (Music: Harry Warren / Lyrics: Al Dubin) Ruby Keeler & Dick Powell (Film Soundtrack) - 1936 RUBY KEELER: I like a rhythm and a melody To sing to, to swing to I like to dance because I like someone To cling to and sing to Culture doesn't mean a thing If you haven't got that swing You're asking me what kind of man I like I'll answer.......a dancer If you wanna win my heart Don't be too intelligent or smart Don't go in for literature and art But you gotta know how to dance You don't have to have degrees >From a lot o' universities All you need is rhythm in your knees And you gotta know how to dance Now don't the trees blow up a breeze To give the little flowers and plants a dance And don't the tones of saxophones Make your head spin, inveigle you in romance....let's dance If you have the right technique I don't care what language you may speak I don't care how much you make a week But you gotta know how to dance (Dance Routine) DICK POWELL: I know how to croon a tune Play a trumpet and a big bassoon I know what to do beneath the Moon I don't have to know how to dance (Trumpet Solo) I don't have to know how to dance Now, you can dance and he can dance Go have your fun, let everyone swing and sway....or get gay But don't forget that I can get my clarinet I'm happy and quite okay....I'll play (Clarinet Solo) I don't have to know how to dance (Saxophone Solo) Though I can't do Highland Flings Though I never could do buck-and-wings I can do a lot of other things I don't have to know how to dance (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - September 2011)


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