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YOU'RE ALWAYS WELCOME AT OUR HOUSE (Words by Wm. Tracey / Music by Al Harriman, 1914) On a street car Johnny met Marguerite Car was crowded John let her have his seat They got friendly thought it was great he got busy fixed up a date next night they were planning some place to go where they could cuddle side by side Johnny preferred the park where it was nice and dark Margie just smiled and replied. John felt nervous when she invited him those inducements really delighted him still he didn't know what to do thought it was too good to be true poor John had a feeling around his heart just like he never had before made up his mind to call he couldn't help but fall when she repeated once more. You're always welcome at our house don't be a stranger It's nice and cozy at our house and there's no danger of someone looking when we steal a kiss and you can show me how you love me and I'll introduce you to mother and dear old daddy they'll be delighted if you'll only call and if it should be stormy weather you and dad can sleep together come up any time at all.


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