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YOU'RE AS PRETTY AS A PICTURE (Jimmy McHugh / Harold Adamson) Geraldo & His Orchestra (vocal: Al Bowlly) Also recorded by : Tommy Dorsey & His Orch.; Gene Krupa & His Orch. Youíre as pretty as a picture Has anyone ever told you before Youíre the image of an angel from above And you were just meant for me to adore Youíre the model of perfection The others are only copies of you Canít you see the only thing that worries me I wonder if youíre to good to be true Your eyes, your hair, Youíre a perfect colour scheme Youíre much too fair You must have stepped out of a dream Youíre as pretty as a picture A beautiful exhibition of art When I say you fairly take my breath away Just picture what you have done to my heart (Transcribed by Bill Huntley - November 2004)


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