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YOU'RE IN THE DOGHOUSE NOW (Ned Claflin / Mike Kernan / Jeff Lass / Andy Paley) Brenda Lee You wore out your welcome mat You used to be the cat's meow You're in the doghouse now You're such a handsome hound You'll wind up in the pound All you can say is bow-wow-wow You're in the doghouse now It was grand, yes, it was swell, But you bit the hand That fed you so well I hate a dog who begs With his tail between his legs Find a new place to bum your chow Who's in the doghouse now? On the town, Out on the trail, Don't come 'round Go chase your own tail I heard from Socrates, "Sleep with dog, Wake up with fleas." I never liked you anyhow You're in the doghouse now You're in the doghouse now You're in the doghouse now Down, boy.


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