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YOUíRE JUST ABOUT RIGHT FOR ME (Fred Arlott) Kay Starr - 1940s Youíre just about right for me You absolutely fit me to a tee You fit to the letter, you couldnít be better Youíre just about right for me I never thought that I would see A person with your personality The line that you hand out To me is a stand out Youíre just about right for me From your head to your toes And leave out one detail And your eyes and your nose Kinda looks like youís been reading my mail Just about time for me To tell you what your futureís gonna be Iím talking it steady so I ainít getting ready Youíre just about right for me (Rep all from beginning) Your eyes are blue, your kisses too You and I know what they can do Youíre just about right Just about right for me


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