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YOUR EYES ARE BIGGER THAN YOUR HEART Chuck Darwin as rec by Anita O'Day w Paul Jordan & his Orch Jan 5th 1950 Chicago You tell me that you love me, You really come on strong; You're the same with everybody, And you think that's nothin' wrong! You must be in your glory Whenever we're apart. I've checked up on your story; Your eyes are bigger than your heart! You tell me I'm your baby, That you dig me the most, But what about the babies That you have from coast to coast? Don't tell me you're sorry, You don't have the style! I've read you and your story, Your eyes are bigger than your heart! My eyes for you are bulgin', I can't fight every gal in town! So there'll be no more indulgin', I've just got to put you down! I'm so sorry, bsby, But you've upset my apple cart; I just can't get your story, Your eyes, (scat), are bigger than your heart! (scat) (Contributed by Peter Akers - March 2009)


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