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YOU'VE BEEN A GOOD OLD WAGON as rec by Bessie Smith w Louis Armstrong (cornet) & Fred Longshaw (piano) Jan 24th 1925 New York also rec by Teresa Brewer '72 lookee here daddy, I wanna tell you, please get out o' my sight, I'm playin' quits now, right from this very night! You've had your day, don't stand around and frown, You've been a good old wagon, daddy, but you done broke down! Now you better go to the blacksmith's shop and get yourself overhauled, There's nothin' about you to make a good homin' for! Nobody wants a baby when a real man can be found, You've been a good old wagon, daddy, but you done broke down! When the sun is shinin', it's time to make hay, I've seen 'mobiles operate, you can't make that wagon pay! When you were in your prime, you loved to run around, You've been a good old wagon, honey, but you done broke down! There's no need to cry and make a big show, This man has taught me more about lovin' than you will ever know! He is the king of lovin', has manners of a crown, He's a good old wagon, daddy, and he ain't broke down! (Contributed by Peter Akers - May 2009)


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