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YOU'VE GOT TO CRY GIRL (Dave Dudley / Richard Barish) Dave Dudley - 1972 Oh, you've got to cry girl Then you'll know how I miss you Well, I've grown up girl I've learned how to be a man I've cried tears, felt the pain Have memories when you hurt me But now look at me I still know I can stand Say, are you listenin' girl Do you hear what I'm sayin' And do you know girl The reason that I walked out Well, you're young right now But tomorrow the world may find you So learn from life And find what love's about Oh, you've gotta cry girl Before you can be a woman And you've gotta hurt girl Before you will understand You need tears and time Sad memories to complete you So I wish you All the heartaches you can stand (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - September 2010)


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