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YOU'VE TURNED TO A STRANGER (Jack Rhodes / Freddy Franks) Wanda Jackson - 1958 The nights made you lonely, so you want to roam You're no longer happy with me or your home Your search for excitement continues to grow You've turned to a stranger that I hardly know The flashing of the neon and the songs that they play The gay crowds and the laughter have lured you away Once you wanted me with you everywhere that you'd go But you've turned to a stranger that I hardly know (Instrumental Break) I can't wash the pain from my tortured mind With the gay crowds and the music and the bright lights that shine If this makes you happy, I don't blame you if you go You've turned to a stranger that I hardly know The glamour of the night life can't lure me away I'd rather sit waiting and hope for the day You'll return with your love that's faded so slow No longer a stranger that I hardly know (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - June 2012)


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