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YOU WEAR LOVE SO WELL (George Handy / Jack Segal) as recorded by June Christy with orchestra conducted by Pete Rugolo August 8th 1960 Hollywood Like a tree wears a soft Summer green, Like the earth wears a white Winter scene, Like a sandy shore wears a coral shell, Darling you wear love so well! Like a field wears its ripe Autumn grain, Like a flower wears a small drop of rain, Like my heart and I wear a dreamer's spell, Darling you wear love so well! Please where it wherever you go, And take me along so they'll know Our love made it so! Like the moon wears the glow of the sun, Just as lovers wear two hearts as one, Yes, and even more, more than words can tell, Darling you wear love so well, So well! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - January 2015)


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