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"ZIS" FOR YOU, "ZAT" FOR YOU ! (Andy Rice / Fred Fischer) (1913) La la la la la la la la Whoo! Rosetta Papetta, Papetta Rosetta, Have sweethearts everywhere, Debonair, She don't care She make all the fellows go mad and go jealous, when she makes eyes at me, For she's a merry widow, and she tell everybody she see. La la la la la la la la Whoo! Rosetta Papetta, She walk-a the street-a, To get some exercise, Fresh young man flirt, and then, Rosetta she stop-pa, She whistle for Pappa, He comes with "sacre bleu?" He grab ze fresh young fellow quick and this is what Pappa he do. "Zis" for you, "Zat" for you, "Zis" for my papa, La la la la la la, La la la la la la, For you I sing, I dance, I play, But if you "make ze love" I say, "Zis" for you "Zat" for you, "Zis" for my Papa.


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