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A BEAUTIFUL LADY IN BLUE (Sam M. Lewis / J. Fred Coots) Recorded by : Putney Dandridge; Jan Garber; Jan Peerce; Billy Vaughn. Ev'ryone loves a love story Told of a maid and a man But listen to my love story, It ended before it began. REFRAIN A beautiful lady in blue, We met just like two shadows do, Not one word was said, she kiss'd me and fled And our little romance was thro'. A beautiful lady in blue, She thought I was someone she knew, Her lips so divine Were not meant for mine, The night seem'd to laugh at us too. How did I know she was lovely? There wan't a moonbeam a-glow. How would I know there's a haven Unles my heart told me so? A beautiful lady in blue, And strange as it may sound to you, A lifetime was spent in one little moment With a beautiful lady in blue.


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