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A BEAUTIFUL LIFE (William Lee Golden) Recorded by : Bass Mountain Boys; Bryan Bowers; Chuck Wagon Gang; The Country Gentlemen; Kazuhiro Inaba; The Kentucky Colonels; Bill Monroe; Jim Reeves; Tex Ritter. Each day I'll do (each day I'll do) A golden deed (a golden deed) By helping those (by helping those) Who are in need (who are in need) My life on earth (my life on earth) Is but a span (is but a span) And so I'll do (and so I'll do the best I can) CHORUS: Life's evening sun (lifes evening sun) Is sinking low (is sinking low) A few more days (a few more days) And I must go (and I must go) Too meet the deed (to meet the deed) That I have done (that I have done) Where there will be (where there will be no setting sun) While travelling down (while travelling down) Life's weary road (life's weary road) I'll try to lessen (I'll try to lessen) Some travellers load (some travellers load) I'll try to turn (I'll try to turn) The nights to day (the night to day) Make flowers bloom (make floweres bloom, along the way) REPEAT CHORUS


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