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ABIE'S IRISH ROSE (Mel Tormé / Robert Wells) (1946) Have you seen Abie? He's like a baby with a brand new toy. I've never seen such a bundle of joy. He says that Rosie Made his life cozy And I know it's true And you can make the same thing happen to you. Here's what you do: Take a little time to tip your hat And don't live a life dull of may-bes. A sample example is Abie's Irish Rose. She doesn't mind if skies are cloudy Or if birds forget to sing. What ever happens she'll find a little good in ev'rything. You don't have to be a democrat To walk up and chat with your neighbor; You can't say a hand-shake is labor, heaven knows. If you laugh at the bad things, Work at the glad things, Remember to say your "Hellos" You'll be happy as Abie And Abie's Irish Rose. (Contributed by Ferda Dolunay - August 2005)


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