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ABOUT THE BLUES (Arthur Hamilton) as recorded by Julie London with Russ Garcia & his Orchestra 1957 About the blues, About the blues; They always hit you when you can't hit back, And when they're blue enough there's something black About the blues, And if you bet they're gonna fade, you lose! About the blues, I know the blues; They serve you memories on a plate of tears, They know your appetite will last for years! You can't refuse, You've joined the club and gotta pay your dues! When you hang your hat in heartbreak hall, Your wing-broken dreams must crawl, And your gloom will continue to grow Until there's nothing that you don't know About the blues, About the blues! You can't look forward to the day you're free; You look, but yesterday is all you see! Don't buy a book about it, just ask me About the blues, About the blues. (Transcribed by Peter Akers - September 2014)


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