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ABRAHAM (Irving Berlin m & l 1942) Bing Crosby 1942 Upon a February morn A tiny baby boy was born Abraham, Abraham. When he growed up this tiny babe Folks all called him Honest Abe Abraham, Abraham. In eighteen sixty, he became The sixteenth president And now he's in the hall of fame A most respected gent. That's why we celebrate This blessed February date Abraham, Abraham. When black folks lived in slavery Who was it set the darkie free Abraham, Abraham. When troubles come down from the shelf Who's heart was bigger than himself Abraham, Abraham. The country's goin’ to the dogs They shouted loud and strong Then from a cabin made out of logs The right man come along. And that is why we celebrate This blessed February date Abraham, Abraham. U.S.A.'s united thank The one whose name was Nancy Hanks Abraham, Abraham. She gave this land the finest son Who ever went to Washington Abraham, Abraham. When someone told him General Grant Was drinkin’ every night He answered, "Go on out, see if you can't Get all my generals tight". That's why we celebrate This blessed February date, Abraham, Abraham Abraham. NOTES: This song from Paramount Pictures B & W film ‘Holiday Inn’ August 1942 Director: Mark Sandrich Leads: Bing Crosby / Fred Astaire / Marjorie Reynolds / Virginia Dale This film received the Academy Award for Best Original Song (White Christmas) Note: ‘The Abraham Controversy.’ The blackface minstrel routine in the film (sung by Bing Crosby) is often cut during broadcast due some feeling it represents offensive stereotyping. As presented here, it is done only as an historical artifact and is not intended to depict or offend any person or group. (Transcribed by David Story - October 2013)


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