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ABSENT MINDED ME (Jule Styne (m) / Bob Merrill (l) ) Lyrics as sung by Barbra Streisand September 1964 ‘People’ Also sung by Julie London 1962 ’Sophisticated Lady’ Absent minded me Absent minded me I'm losing a key Or missing a glove Just like me to lose my love Gotta find it, absent minded me. Dizzy dopey me Mixed-up mopey me I'm way, way ahead Of the game then it starts How did I lose my king of hearts Gotta find it, absent minded me. There's my key Gee, I left it in the door There's my glove on the shelf Now if I don't find my love I'll be losing myself. Gotta find him, gotta find him Absent minded me Absent minded me. NOTES: ‘Absent Minded Me’ was originally written by Styne/Merrill for the character of Fanny Brice in the March 1964 Broadway musical ‘Funny Girl’ but was removed prior to production. ‘Absent Minded Me’ was also recorded as a B-side 45 rpm single July 1964 opposite Funny Girl, the A-side.


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