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A CARNIVAL IN VENICE The Mills Brothers - 1954 A carnival in Venice With gondolas and guitars A boy, a girl, a lamp light In their eyes, a glow of stars He sighed, then he cried, darling, kiss me She slipped into his arms and obeyed A carnival was going on in Venice While kiss-tory was being made They married and left Venice Now at home where an organ grinder grinds They dream about the carnival in Venice From behind their Venician blinds A carnival in Venice Where no stranger dines alone Instead of beer and pretzels They serve wine and mackerel Taxi cabs ride around in the water The canals on wet streets are too big Until you've met a sweet Venician daughter You miss what you ought to see You'll find romance in Venice There are hearts waiting to be wooed and won So pack your grip and take a trip to Venice Get your share of Venician fun A carnival in Venice Corny corn that's out of tune The nights are so romantic You can do without a moon The air is alive with confetti Music boosts from each gay carousel And lovers cling together like spaghetti While dancing the Terrene Tell So when you go to Venice If you only can stay a day or two I'll bet an old gondola, you'll like Venice And I know, Venice will like you (Contributed by Carlene - May 2005)


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