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A CASTLE IN THE SKY (Marty Robbins) Marty Robbins I dreamed that we were livin' in A Castle In The Sky A world of make believe, a dream for you and I For one time in my lifetime, I was sure about your love I held you in my Castle In The Sky. Then from another world a stranger came one day I begged you not to leave, but you left any-way I saw my castle tumble back to earth and there was I With mem'ries of My Castle In The Sky. The trouble that we're havin', does it mean there's someone new Or am I just bothered by the thought of losing you Will someone come and take you, will I lose you by and by Like I lost you in my Castle In The Sky. If we should ever part, the world for me would end How could I tell my heart, I only lost a friend Be faithful, don't forsake me, never leave and say goodbye Like you left me in my Castle In The Sky.


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