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ADIÓS (Enric Madriguera (m) / Eddie Woods (l) ) 1931 As performed by Smith Ballew (with Enric Madriguera and His Orchestra) Also played by: Benny Goodman Mantovani Glen Miller Stan Kenton Adiós In leaving you, I'm grieving Do say adiós My heart is aching, even breaking I sigh and cry My adiós, adiós to you. And in this heart That made me out What used to be Just for you and me Set apart. Moon watching and waiting above Soon it will be blessing our love. Adiós Our happy ending marriage And dear to you With the hearts true No more to bid you, Adiós. Notes: This popular melody, a Rumba/Foxtrot became a national hit in 1941. Madriguera also wrote Sambas . Note that this song has a variety of lyrics which have been applied to the melody. The lyric above is taken directly from the 1931 recording with Smith Ballew but others exist. Enric (Enrique) Madriguera, Barcelona Spain born, was a child prodigy with the violin. He relocated to the USA where he became a lead violinist and finally a conductor. Later in life, he worked for Columbia records in charge of the Latin American music section where he had his first exposure to Latin tempos. He formed a band for the Havana Casino and later returned to form a swing band in the USA in 1934. By 1940, he had switched his love to Latin American melodies exclusively. He was dearly beloved by all South American countries which gave him the nickname "Ambassador Of Music To All The Americas'. Smith (Sykes) Ballew, an American from Texas USA, was a orchestra leader, singer and actor during the 1920s through the 1950s. Although he sang in many swing bands of the day, he is perhaps best known for his roles as a one of the early singing cowboys of the 'silver screen' when he performed in a number of Westerns. (Transcribed by David Story June 2014)


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