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A FEELING IS (Sheila Hutchinson) The Emotions - 1977 (You know it's just a feeling) (A feeling is a feeling) (Ooooh-aaaahhhh, ooooh-aa-aa-ah-hhhh) (Ooooh-aaaahhhh, ooooh-aa-aa-ah-hhhh) A feeling is a thing you can be sure of Even if it's singular or plural No matter what kind or mood of You only know the real true meaning You don't have to tell anybody what's keeping You in the way, whatever the day Whether he stays or goes away No-oo-oo-oh (Ah-aaaahhh) Oooh-oooooh A feeling is a feeling you just can't finagle It takes more than a rhyme or a riddle It's a matter of control over a lot or a little Just keep in mind willpower is a virtue Use it, you'll find you need no one to nurse you When you pursue only a clue, what's coming to you (Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh) It's true, it's true (It's true) True-ooh-ooh-ooh (It's true) Others will see a much better person And if they see you just like a virgin 'Cause you will have the gift they've been searching for Much much more Much more (A feeling is) A feeling is (A feeling is) A feeling is Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh (You know it's just a feeling) Oh-woh-oh-oh-oh-oh (A feeling's a feeling) (A feeling) A feeling, oh-oh-oh-ooh A feeling is (A feeling) I said a feeling is (A feeling is) Something special (A feeling) Something special (A feeling) Oh-oh-oh-ooh (Similar lines repeated till..........FADE) (Transcribed by Cookie & Mel Priddle - November 2006)


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