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AFRAID OF LOVE Toto You stole my heart the moment you came to town I said hello but you were gone when I turned around You can't get away, can't get away, even if you try now I wanna tell you but the words just can't be found I like the way you move and just the way you are I can't take anymore, 'cos girl, you're pushin' too hard You can't get away, can't let you go, what's a boy to do now You got me askin' myself how I survived this far Chorus: I gotta get away from you, girl 'Cos I've never been afraid of love 'til I met you Never thought a girl could make me feel the way you do Never been afraid of - never been afraid of love 'til I met you Ooh, yes you say (Instrumental break) Can't be something that you never ever had When I stop and think about you, it makes me laugh You took me by surprise, I saw it in your eyes, I never had a chance, girl Now that I see what you are, it doesn't hurt so bad Chorus


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