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AFTER YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT, YOU DON'T WANT IT (Irving Berlin) Nat King Cole - 1946 Also recorded by: Joyce Breach; Marilyn Monroe; Red Nichols; Harry Roy; Twentieth Century Fox Orch.; Terry Waldo. [1st verse:] Listen to me, honey dear Something's wrong with you I fear It's getting harder to please you Harder and harder each year I don't want to make you blue But you need a talking to Like a lot of people I know Here's what's wrong with you [Refrain:] After you get what you want, you don't want it If I gave you the moon, you'd grow tired of it soon You're like a baby You want what you want when you want it But after you are presented With what you want, you're discontented You're always wishing and wanting for something When you get what you want You don't want what you get And tho' I sit upon your knee You'll grow tired of me 'Cause after you get what you want You don't want what you wanted at all [2nd verse:] Don't you say that I'm unkind Think it over and you'll find You've got a changeable nature You're always changing your mind There's a longing in your eye That is hard to satisfy You're unhappy most of the time Here's the reason why [Alternate Line:] And tho' you sit upon my knee (Contributed by - April 2007)


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