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GAL IN CALICO, A From the film "The Time, The Place And The Girl" (1946) (Lyrics: Leo Robin / Music: Arthur Schwartz) Dennis Morgan, Jack Carson & Sally Sweetland (Film Soundtrack) - 1946 Johnny Mercer & The Pied Pipers - 1946 Tex Beneke & The Glenn Miller Orch. (vocal: Tex Beneke & The Crew Chiefs) - 1946 Tony Martin (with Al Sack & His Orch.) - 1946 Benny Goodman & His Orch. (vocal: Eve Young) - 1947 Bing Crosby (with The Calico Kids) - 1947 Vic Damone (with Jerry Sears Orch.) - 1947 Steve Lawrence - 1964 The Manhattan Transfer - 1977 Also recorded by: Benny Aronov; Frank Collet Trio; Oscar Peterson; Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis; Miles Davis; Bob Dorough; Harry "Sweets" Edison; Gordon Franks & His Orch.; Ned Goold; Eddie Hazell; Ahmad Jamal; Roy Rogers; Stan Levey; Mundell Lowe All Stars; Dave McKenna; Jessica Williams; Pete Jolly ........ and others. As recorded by BING CROSBY: I met a gal in calico Down in Santa Fe Used to be her Sunday beau 'Til I rode away Do I want her Do I want her love Yes-sir-ree Will I win her Will I win her love Wait and see Workin' with a rodeo Go from town to town See most every kind o' gal Every kind o' gown But who made my heart sing Yip-ee-aye, Yip-ee-oh My little gal in calico (You can have your gals dressed in silk and satin) (Those who drape their shape in crepe de chine) (Take your city girls who go around Manhattan) (Thinking they look swell in velveteen) (When they're at the table, we're not able) (To imagine how they look) I'm just a country boy And any country boy Knows a fancy cover Doesn't make a fancy book (Knows a fancy cover doesn't make a book) Take my gal in calico (calico) Down in Santa Fe (Santa Fe, Santa Fe) Guess I'd better let her know (Yip-ee-dye-oh) That I feel this way (Yip-ee-dye-aye) Is she waitin' Is she waitin' She better be Am I hopin' To be ropin' her Yes-sir-ree Gonna quit the rodeo (Rodeo) Gonna settle down (Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo) Buy a bolt o' calico (calico) For a weddin' gown (Doo-doo) Then will I fence her in Yip-ee-aye, Yip-ee-oh My little gal in calico (Yip-ee-aye, Yip-ee-ooo) (Little gal, calico) Yip-ee-ti-oh Ti-oh, ti-aye, ti-oh (Contributed by Carlene Bogle - May 2005) (Updated by Peter Akers & Mel Priddle - November 2013)


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