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AGE OF GREED (Martin Atkins / Jaz Coleman / K. Walker) Killing Joke Ten percent of the land Is the hand that pulls the strings Be the privileged few (to have to own to hold) Power over the people yes yes Power over people Be the privileged few to have to own to hold Money property assets before lives Green gestures of a dying planet An endless debate only too late An appetite for glutony The only way is up the only way is up But when you are up you have to try and stay there So you stamp and cheat on people Champagne breakfats (rewards for the killing) And a fast waist bulging Indulging, in what you call good living But most of all there is too much fat on your heart - pig A lifestyle of cholesterol Cross collateralized cholesterol Saving what's left from profit margin For what? I'll tell you what for For some irrelevant conscience easing charity - Why? Just to justify! Just to justify! Look at this utopia A society based on solid foundations Educate our children - educate them well To feather the nest and fuck the rest (Yes yes feather thenest and fuck the rest) The waste expands (As your waist expands) While others stand at the back of the queue I mean you Still the same old security For your creature comforts Exchanging the hours of your life For the cash you've already spent Eating rubbish so you can pay the rent Table wine once a week if you'relucky In comparison Privatise the people's lives Be part of the company (or fade!) The appliance of science to privatise their lives Water is our business Electricity is our business Gas is our business Lives are our business Business is our business Your money - my time Your stinking industrial bathwater - my wine Imbalance induces hate How will you fill the gap Between the endless buffet And the scraps of food I have I feel hate I feel hate I feel hate I feel hate (Don't be afraid to show your hate, hate!) You just treat me like a commodity You didn't know I couldn't even afford to feed my family I just want to kill I just want to take a gun And put it to your head And pull the trigger


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