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A GIRLIE WAS JUST MADE TO LOVE (Joe Goodwin / George W. Meyer, 1911) There's reason for all this worlds goodness There's reason for everything bad, There's reason for us to know gladness, And reason sometime to feel sad, The love that we bear has a meaning, That loved ones can understand best, Evry thing in this life, ervy care, every strife, Was meant to be put to the test. To every heart bowed down with sadness, To every heart pining each day, Some times there will come bits of gladness, To drive thoughts of sorrow away, The sweetness that comes unexpected Tastes sweeter than ever before, And the troubles we bear, fade away into air, And make life worth living the more. A child was just made to grow older, Troubles were made to be missed, Arms were just made for caressing, And lips were just made to be kissed, A heart was just made to grow tender, A rain drop to fall from above, A boy was just made for a girlie, And a girlie was just made to love.


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