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A GIRL WHO'LL SATISFY HER MAN (Jerry Crutchfield) Barbara Fairchild - 1970 Skeeter Davis - 1970 Dee Dee Warwick - 1970 I know your heart is aching, mine is too I know exactly what you're goin' through So helplessly I've had to just stand by And watch her hurt you so much I could die So maybe now I'll have the chance to try To kiss away your tears and help them dry Please accept my love and take the hand Of a girl who'll always satisfy her man Inside my arms it's nice and warm always for you And I know I'll make you understand There'll be no doubt, you'll never be without a love so true From a girl who'll always satisfy her man So come to me, I'll hold you tenderly You'll be in the hands Of a girl who'll always satisfy her man


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