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A GUY NAMED JOE (Harlan Howard) Ernest Tubb I stepped ashore in Tokyo feeling kind a blue For I was trying to forget a love that was untrue When by my side I found a lad, his dark eyes all aglow He looked at me so hopefully and said is you’re name, Joe? For Joe’s my Daddy’s name and he will soon be sailing cross the sea He said will come back bye and bye and Joe would never lie The warship took my dad away and mommy needs him so And every night I hear her pray “Dear God, where is my Joe?” Instrumentals Somewhere back home a guy named Joe is probably sipping beer Does he know how important he could be if he was here? Has he forgotten this little lad who needs his daddy so? A promise made, a debt unpaid, their waiting for you Joe Yes, Joe’s his daddy’s name and he will never sail across that sea A stranger in a foreign land he let his heart get out of hand The warship took his dad away and he’s too young to know That off across the ocean there’s a million guys’s named Joe (Contributed by lylemalone - February 2005)


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