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A GUY WHAT TAKES HIS TIME From the film "She Done Him Wrong" (1933) (Ralph Rainger) Mae West (Film Soundtrack) - 1933 Marlene Dietrich - 1954 Kathryn Williams - 2004 Anyone can see what's the matter with me I've been hurried and rushed off my feet Never had a minute's repose from walking the street So I've thought it out and there isn't any doubt My conclusion is all for the best I need someone who can supply comfort and some rest A guy what takes his time, I'll go for any time I'm a fast movin' gal who likes them slow Got no use for fancy drivin', want to see a guy arrivin' in low. I'd be satisfied, electrified to know a guy what takes his time A hurry-up affair, I always give the air Wouldn't give any rushin' gent a smile. I would go for any singer who would condescend to linger awhile What a lullaby would be supplied to have a guy what takes his time A guy what takes his time, I'd go for any time A hasty job really spoils a master's touch I don't like a big commotion, I'm a demon for slow motion or such Why should I deny that I would die to know a guy who takes his time There isn't any fun in getting something done If you're rushed when you have to make the grade I can spot an amateur, appreciate a connesseur in his trade Who would qualify, no alibi, to be the guy who takes his time


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