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A HUNDRED YEARS FROM TODAY From The Broadway musical "Blackbirds Of 1933" (Victor Young / Ned Washington / Joseph Young) Ethel Waters with Benny Goodman & His Orch. - 1933 Jack teagarden & His Orch. - 1933 Casa Loma Orch. - 1933 Louis Armstrong & His All Stars - 1949 Georgie Auld & His Orch. (vocal: arah Vaughan) - 1949 Stan Kenton & His Orch. (vocal: June Christy) - 1949 Eddie Condon & His Orch. - 1949 Johnnie Ray - 1954 Kay Starr - 1955 Laverne Smith - 1955 Doris Day - 1959** Barbara Dane - 1959 Dean Martin - 1962 Also recorded by: Frankie Laine; Jimmy Roselli; Tennessee Ernie Ford; Marian McPartland; Rosemary Clooney; Gloria Lynne; The Spaniels; Della Reese; Sally Stark; Joni James; June Hutton; Don Cornell; Eddy Duchin; Tom Postilio; Maxine Sullivan; Barbara Carroll: ...... and others. Don't save your kisses, pass them around You'll find my reason is logically sound Who's gonna know that you passed them around A hundred years from today Why crave a penthouse that's fit for a Queen You're nearer Heaven on Mother Earth's green If you had millions, what would they all mean A hundred years from today So laugh and sing, make love the thing Be happy while you may There's always one beneath the Sun Who's bound to make you feel that way The Moon is shining and that's a good sign Cling to me, Baby, say you'll be mine Remember, Darling, we won't see it shine A hundred years from today (Orchestral Break) Remember, Darling, we won't see it shine A hundred years from today A hundred years from today (**Transcribed from the Doris Day recording by Mel Priddle - January 2005)


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