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AIN'TCHA GLAD? Thomas "Fats" Waller (m) Andy Razaf (l) as rec by Dick McDonough w Benny Goodman & his Orch Oct 18th 1933 New York also rec by- Horace Henderson & his Orch '34 Dinah Washington '57 Marty Grosz & his Singing Fools '95 Jack Teagarden & his Orch Ain'tcha glad we were made up for each other? Ain'tcha glad that we waited for each other? We agreed, possibly, Life is just a symphony In perfect harmony! Ain'tcha glad how we get along together? Ain'tcha glad we can laugh at stormy weather? Folks declare, "What a pair!", They can see we're happy, ain'tcha glad? Just like two lovers On Victor covers, In spite of sun or rain, We find romance, Every scene we meet is Lovers Lane! Ain'tcha glad that our kisses keep their flavour? Ain'tcha glad everything is now in favour? Every day We can say Everything is rosy, ain'tcha glad? (Transcribed by Peter Akers - September 2012)


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