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AIN’T GOT A DIME TO MY NAME (James Van Heusen (m) / Johnny Burke (l) ) Bing Crosby 1942 Ain't got a dime to my name What a terrible shame Ho hum, ho ho hum. Just found a hole in my shoe And my stocking shows through Ho hum, ho ho hum. I know that when you're as free As a bird in a tree, life is a wonderful whim Look at the crank with his dough in the bank Don't you feel sorry for him. Rolling along at a loss Never gathering moss Ho hum, ho ho ho ho hum. (bridge) Ho hum, ho ho hum. (bridge) Ho hum, ho ho hum. (bridge) I'm no terrific success I oughta worry I guess Ho hum, ho ho hum. I like a shady ole tree What's the matter with me Ho hum, ho ho hum. There's nothing quite as grotesque As a man at a desk Looking outside at the sun Shirts made of silk And a diet of milk Maybe he thinks he has fun. I've got the vagabond itch I guess I'll never get rich Ho hum, ho ho ho ho Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho hum. NOTES: From Paramount Pictures B & W film ‘Road to Morocco’ November 10 1942 Director: David Butler Leads: Bing Crosby / Bob Hope / Dorothy Lamour / Anthony Quinn Also sung by: Fred Astaire (Transcribed by David Story - November 2013)


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