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AIN'T IT A SHAME ABOUT MAME fr "Rhythm On The River" 1940 film Jimmy Monaco (m) Johnny Burke (l) 1940 Mary Martin w Victor Young & his Orch (film soundtrack) rec August 26th 1940 Los Angeles Ain't it a shame about Mame, She has only herself to blame! She can't go to picnics in Hooligans Grove, No corned beef and cabbage is cooked on her stove! She married Sir Reginald Whatsisname, Ain't it a shame about Mame! Ain't it a crime what she did, Sure she's only a crazy kid! Now she has to talk fancy and eat caviar, And look like those pictures in Harpers Bazaar! And try to find happiness, just the same, Ain't it a shame, poor Mame! Now she has to be social, Has to go to the night club, Has to dance like a Cuban, And still act like a lady! Oh, to think that a child of Michael Grady Would marry Sir Reginald Whatsisname! Ain't it a shame about Mame! Ain't it a shame about Mame, Now she's lost all her spark and flame! She wears sables instead of a skirt and blouse, And has to keep shoes on when she's in the house! She married Sir Reginald, oh Whatsisname, Ain't it a shame, Looks like a frame! How did he tame poor Mame? (Contributed by Peter Akers - August 2010)


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