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AIN'T LOVE GRAND (Leslie Sarony) The Two Leslies - 1937 Look at all the buildings they are building ev'rywhere They're wonderful. They're marvelous Science has us getting in a thousand diff'rent ways But love still beats them all Couple of youngsters starting a courtship Ain't love grand Go to the pictures every Wednesday Ain't love grand Sit in the back row all in the darkness Hand in hand There they kiss and cuddle and they sigh "Oh, my! Now, ain't love grand" Then there's a wedding. Oh, what a party Ain't love grand All of the neighbours eating and drinking Ain't love grand Look at the bridegroom, soused to the eyebrows He can't stand His wife goes up to bed and finds he's fast asleep Now, ain't love grand Soon there's a baby. Ooh, what a lovely one Ain't love grand Is it like father? Possibly, maybe Ain't love grand Very romantic in his pyjamas Pa will stand With a raging toothache and a squalling kid Now, ain't love grand After the baby, twins are the next thing Ain't love grand Following year there's another expected Ain't love grand Hurrying home now, father is anxious Understand Doctor says, "It's twins again," He says "Gor blimey! Ain't love grand" (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - March 2015)


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